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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Got To Tell The World recording begins!

... at least, that's what we're thinking of calling the new album. We've got 15 songs in the hopper - some will make it, some won't. 13 of the songs have been written since the end of Tragedy Comic. One goes back to the early days of the band but wasn't successfully recorded... One popped up in the band a few years ago but was re-written. 4 or 5 of the songs were written within the past couple months... either way, it's all pretty fresh and tasty and we're hoping you'll love it.

To begin, on Monday December 29th (crisp winter's evening) Preston and I grabbed all the gear from the rehearsal studio and took it down to Sonic Arts in downtown Cincinnati. Right across the street from the Electric Banana. Jim & Randy met us down there and we all loaded in and began setting up. A few digital gremlins and a bad preamp made for a slow start but Randy worked diligently to get everything ironed out. Within a few hours we were up and running and recording a take of "Saddest Girl In The World". Sounded pretty good so far. Deciding that wasn't the best song to warm up on, we jumped into the molten lava of "You're The Kind Of Girl" - our up-up-up tempo rocker. After a few takes we talked about which was the best of the three.

Soon we startedup one of our newer songs, "Where Do You Go", a groovy swampy song with a complicated drum pattern and bass interplay. Our first pass was way too slow, so we stepped it up a bit on the next two takes. Nice!

After that we were all collectively fried... We have a bit session scheduled for later this week (Happy New Year!) and we look at getting some more done after this "warm up" night. We'll keep you posted!

You stay classy,


Screaming Mimes

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